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MAC motherboard

from 900 Kč

Full repairment of motherboard after contact with water, overheating and other problems

Water damage cleaning

from 1250 Kč

Repairing after product comes to contact with water


from 1500 Kč

Battery replacement


from 1750 Kč

Keyboard / trackpad replacement


from 750 Kč

Mechanical cleaning


from 450 Kč

System re-upload, update etc.


from 1350 Kč

Ventilators replacement


from 1550 Kč

WiFi / Bluetooth


from 1550 Kč

Charging conector replacement

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You don't know what's wrong with your Apple device? No problem. Our technicians will diagnose what's wrong while you wait and as a bonus to your repair we'll do it for free. One of our best service technicians will do the troubleshooting, he'll show you the defect, explain you the core of the problem and than repair your iPhone while you wait

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