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We're repairing these products

How does it work?

My iPhone screen is cracked, I can't hear the other caller or my homebutton is stuck?

Don't worry, Apple repair service OpravimeiPhone.cz will repair your iPhone while you wait,

What should I do?

Just stop by, our technicians will help you with a smile on their face. They'll diagnose particular problem on your Apple device and repair it within few minutes. For example - Screen replacement on iPhone takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Just stop by and give us 20 minutes of your time to heal your iLove.

Who are we?

Apple repair service OpravimeiPhone.cz

Since 2014 we can proudly say we had more then thousands of happy customers. Our proof are reviews on our Facebook profile. We are glad that we can offer our customers team of professionals, smooth comunication and best prices with probably the best quality on market.

That's us.


What about warranty?

As only iPhone repair service in Prague, we deal with our warranty exchanges "piece for piece"

No waiting, no warranty check. Just come by, show us what's bothering your iDevice and we'll exchange it as you wait.


What if i lose the reciept?

No worries, we appreciate our customers dearly. Our parts are marked, so there won't be any trouble finding yours.

Did you drown your poor iPhone, Mac or iPad?

Don't worry!
We have over 95% succes in repairing all drowned Apple products. We'll get rid of your iLove oxidation and change damaged parts for the best price.

However, if you are in the unlucky 5% of customers, we'll clean your iPhone on our expense.